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natural breast augmentation reviews

Natural Breast Augmentation Reviews: Is it worth it?

Natural breast augmentation is slowly gaining traction in the medical world. Before, if you want to have bigger breasts, the only option you have is silicon-based breast implants. Technology as well as inventiveness definitely changed that for all women. However, is the new fat cell transplant procedure for you? Natural breast augmentation reviews from real people must be taken into account along with the known advantages and disadvantages of going under the procedure. While it has been proven to be better alternative to silicone-based implants, there are still risks involved.

What is Natural Breast Augmentation?

It is the process of getting fat from other parts of your body (thigh, stomach, or hips) to your chest. Thus, this is a combination of two popular cosmetic surgery techniques, liposuction and breast augmentation. Of course, the lipid cells are modified so that when the procedure is done, your body would not just absorb the fat from your breasts nor would the cells harden. This is a much safer procedure compared to silicone implants, so people have been opting it over the mainstream procedure. Although this revolutionary process is great in paper, you must research on natural breast augmentation reviews of a particular doctor or clinic in order to minimize the risks and to maximize the benefits. For your safety, only choose a practitioner with extensive experience in this field and with a portfolio of past clients.

In order to get natural looking breast augmentation, the excess fat obtained from your body goes through a centrifugation process to remove oil, blood, and water. 50 milliliters of blood is also taken from the body and goes through the same process to acquire the platelets containing stem cells. Then, the combination of fat and stem cells is injected to your breasts to give you your desired results. However, you can’t really go from cup A to cup double D through this method as your breasts can only carry a maximum of 1.25 pints of fat each. Before scheduling an appointment with a trusted doctor, you must be aware of its advantages and disadvantages first.

What are the Advantages?

After making sure that the clients’ natural breast augmentation reviews of a particular doctor are positive, you would be glad to know that this procedure serves two purposes: making your body look more proportional through fat removal and making your breasts look bigger with fat grafting. This is great for women who only want subtle improvements. Moreover, there are only small incisions involved, the possibility of scarring is greatly reduced. No worries about wearing even the raciest dress. Lastly, there is no chance that your body will not accept the results of the procedure as no foreign object is introduced. You can expect minimal complications, therefore, when you go for this kind of breast enhancement. Although it is an entirely new procedure – done for the first time only in 2009 – there is no doubt that this is better than preferring silicon-based breast implants. However, there still are downsides that you must know about.

What are the Disadvantages?

One of the most unattractive things about getting natural looking breast augmentation is the price tag. In 2013, the cost of the procedure can range from $5,000 to $10,000. This is higher than its riskier predecessor, silicone implants, which averages at about $3,000. If these were the only options, some of us would buy water bras instead. The difference on natural breast augmentation before and after can never be as exaggerated, so there is no way you can go from A to double D. Another disadvantage is the impermanency of the outcome. Even if you go to the place with the best natural breast augmentation reviews, your body will still reabsorb the fat at a slow rate and you will end up having smaller boobs again. You have to let your doctor repeat the enhancement techniques from time to time in order to maintain the results. Just when you thought you can go to Hawaii for a tropical beach vacation, a few thousand dollars are already out the window. Moreover, skinny ladies do not have enough fat, the most necessary ingredient in the process. Thus, the effectiveness of the procedure is minimized.

These threats are microscopic, compared to the worst that could happen to you. This process has been linked with increased cancer risks. A girl with small boobies who smokes would not care so much because she is willingly exposing herself to cancer each day, right? However, this is not the only risk. Even when employing the services of a doctor with the best natural breast augmentation reviews, there are more immediate complications that could happen. Because the fat transferred to you does not have its own blood supply, there is a chance of fat necrosis. If you were so unfortunate to suffer from it, you will have to shell out more money for treatment. Depending on the severity, the doctor can recommend diuretics to remove calcium from the body or eliminate the unwanted dead mass with needle aspiration. Surgery to rid your body of the dead fat cells is also a possibility. The risk is even greater when you want to maximize the 1.25 pint of fat for each breast.

Even with a higher price tag, the outcome is not as predictable as having silicone implants. Aside from the downsides of the fat transfer, you also have to worry about the disadvantages of getting a liposuction. Obtaining fat from your body can cause scarring, bruising, and even sagging of skin. If you fail to take into account natural breast augmentation reviews, then be ready to be exposed to other dangers as well.

Is Natural Breast Augmentation the Right Option for me?

natural breast augmentation reviews

It depends. There are always going to be tradeoffs. Natural breast augmentation offers the possibility of giving you natural looking breasts which you cannot get from silicone-based breast transplant. However, the latter is substantially cheaper. If you are a skinny girl whose breasts are a cup A size, the differences on between and after of natural breast augmentation may not be promising. Chunkier girls would not have the same problem. Even the highly reviewed natural breast augmentation services are no use if your body simply won’t work for the purposes of the procedure.

That is the good thing about breast implants. It does not discriminate on body size and weight. Still, are you prepared to take the risk of implant ruptures? This is one of the horrors usually heard about this procedure, aside from having plastic chests. There is also the possibility that your body will reject the implants, so the money and the time you spent would be in vain.

There are always going to be risks, no matter what you choose between the two. Great natural breast augmentation reviews do not necessarily save you from its possible harmful effects. Depending on what dangers you are willing to expose yourself to, both can be unfitting for you. In fact, there is an alternative ridding you of all dangers possible, in the form of the two-step program of Breast Actives. The pill you have to take every day is made from eight natural extracts that changes your breast from inside out, while the cream that you massage to your bosoms at night tightens and improves skin elasticity. No saggy, lopsided boobs for you when you use these amazing products. Become one of the many woman that were satisfied by Breast Actives for as low as $0.99 a day, and look sexy no matter what you wear in no time. Order Now